Someone else owns an interest in your title



Improperly executed documents



Pre-policy forgery, fraud and duress



Defective recording of any document



Undisclosed restrictive covenants



A lien on your title because of a security deed, judgment, tax or special assessment, or a charge by a homeowner’s association



Unmarketable title



Mechanics’ liens



Forced removal of a structure which encroaches onto another property or an easement



Forced removal of structure which violates existing zoning law*



Forced removal of a structure because of a violation of a restriction in Schedule B



Inability to use land for single-family dwelling because of a violation of a zoning ordinance or restriction in Schedule B



Pays rent for substitute land or facilities



Rights under unrecorded leases



Plain language



Unrecorded easements



Building permit violations*



Compliance with Subdivision Map Act, if any*



Restrictive covenant violations



Map, if any, not consistent with legal description



Covenant violation resulting in reversion



Enhanced marketability



Violations of building setbacks



Discriminatory covenants



Actual vehicular and pedestrian access based on a legal right



Boundary walls and fence encroachment*



Post-policy forgery



Post-policy encroachment



Post-policy damage from minerals or water extraction



Post-policy Living Trust coverage for trustee



Post-policy Living Trust coverage for beneficiary



Post-policy automatic increase in value



Post-policy adverse possession



Post-policy cloud on title



Post-policy prescriptive easement



Insurance coverage forever




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